Saturday, February 13, 2016

Meditation on Healing prayer. 02-13-2016

 II Cor. 4:7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels.

Meditation on Healing prayer.  

by Dennis S. Hankins 


Christ is in us and we pray through him who is the treasure of our hearts. We make our prayers though Him, for in Him we find all healing and hope.

We do not pray in a weak or some unknown name. We cover our families and friends, the sick and suffering with  the name of Jesus.—the living and glorified treasure of Christ.

So we pray in the love of Christ for all with illness of heart, mind, and body that many now are enduring that they will now know the healing love of Christ. 

We also pray that all will have hope in Christ today, 

especially the children who are in the hospital today. There is nothing too hard for you, Lord. For the treasure of your presence in us, dear Jesus, is not small, nor limited, and cannot be depleted. Therefore, stats do'n't matter to you.


For in our praying for one another, we have contact with the power of an endless life. Powerful and living Jesus, bring healing to us all! 

Our prayers are not without effect in that we are praying in the precious name of Christ who inspires hope, faith, and  love in us.

We praise you O' Christ.  

We bow in worship in humble and confident faith before your throne, and in this place of grace we claim the promises of Christ for our needs.  We trust in you, Jesus. May there be many miracles among us today for it's in the mighty name of Jesus we have prayed. Amen & Amen! 

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