Friday, February 5, 2016

Meditation on healing prayer by Dennis S. Hankins

1st Peter 5:7-9  Cast all your anxieties on him for he cares about you.

A Meditation on healing prayer  by Dennis S. Hankins.

Since my brain cancer  diagnosis, hundreds if not thousands of prayer warriors are praying for me  and my family.and that the medicine will be exceedingly effective.  These many and effective prayers fill us with hope!  helping to lift my heart and mind to the Lord, encouraging me to keep up the  good fight. That's  what these meditations on healing  prayer are meant to do for all who receive them.  it came into heart to write these since my diagnosis.  I hope they will inspire great faith, great hope and great love, as we pray for another that we may be  healed.  

We do not bow before a reluctant God,  for every fear, every anxiety every crippling thought, about the future we can cast upon the Lord because he cares about every burden we bring to him.  He cares about every thing that troubles our hearts.  Every mother who has cared for a sick child at midnight knows this is true as she whispers the name of Jesus  over her little daughter's feverish brow.  

Today  let us fervently pray for one another that we may be healed, for Jesus cares about us, about every  hurt, about every tear,  about every diagnosis.  Dearest merciful lord pour out upon all special bodily and spiritual grace such as we need today. Before your sacred heart we bow to bask in your mercy!  Thank you that you  care for us.  We trust in you Jesus, Amen! 



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